About Accoson

Alfred Charles Cossor

The Company was established in 1859 by Alfred Charles Cossor following
a period of apprenticeship by the founder as a glass blower. Having gained
a high reputation for his skills and the quality of his products, the founder
was joined by his son Alfred Charles in 1875, and then by his younger son Frank in 1885.

In 1917 the company moved to Vale Road, London N4,
under the guidance of Frank Cossor, the founder’s elder son having left the
family business to become the founder of A C Cossor Ltd., the wireless,
television and Xray tube manufacturer.

In 1904 the first sphygmomanometer was manufactured by the company,
using the glass blowing skills to produce the glass manometer.

In 1921 Frank Cossor was joined by his son Frank Gordon Cossor,
and the company expanded its products to include all types of
thermometers, hydrometers and syringes.

Sphygmomanometers became the main product of the company, with
Adrian Cossor joining the company in 1966, the fourth generation to do so.

The current range of ACCOSON sphygmomanometers enjoy an excellent
reputation for their quality and ease of use. A full range of models is
available with accessories and spare parts backing up the original
equipment. The products are manufactured to the accuracy requirements of
the current European Standard EN1060-1.

The company is a registered Quality Assured firm under ISO 13485:2012.

The company moved to new and improved premises in Harlow Essex in
August 2007 where production and distribution is now carried out.
More than half of the company’s production is sold to the export market,
consisting of over seventy countries throughout the world.