The latest Accoson Catalogue

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Dekamet model
Not available for sale within the EU

Code: 0125

Duplex Aneroid model

Code: 0322

greenlight 300

Code: 0702

6 inch Aneroid Desk and Wall model

Code: 0332

6 inch Aneroid Stand model

Code: 0362

Limpet Aneroid model

Code 0302

Limpet Aneroid model
-Straight Tube

Code 0292A

Limpet with Cuff Set

Code 0292SA

Pocket Aneroid model

Code 0312A

Combine model

Code: 0400

Pressure Infusion Cuff

Code 0205 0.5 litre size
Code 0210 1.0 litre size

Pre-Measured cuffs


SIX00 Series of Aneroid Models

Codes 0632A, 0642A, 0662A

click300 Innovative Control valve

Code 1512

ambidex Innovative blood
Pressure cuffs

Code 1280 1298

Spare Parts

Spare Parts