Code 1512
click300 valve with bulb
and connector

The click300 is an innovative and patented blood pressure cuff deflation valve which
enables the user to set a rate of cuff deflation without continual adjustment as the cuff
pressure falls.
The valve is controlled by a simple finger wheel with an intuitive click feature. As the
wheel is rotated each click adjusts the deflation rate, and that rate is maintained
throughout the blood pressure measurement without continuous adjustment.
The click300 makes it easy to apply the British Hypertension Society recommended
rate of cuff deflation of 2 to 3 mmHg/sec for manual blood pressure measurement.

click300 valve with bulb
Code 1512

  • Maintains rate of cuff deflation without continuous adjustment
  • Can be used on any manual device with a double tube cuff
  • Supplied with a latex free bulb and tube connector
  • Suitable for any size of blood pressure cuff
  • Easy to use and simplifies the manual technique
  • Made in England. Patent GB2438371 with others pending

Download a leaflet on the click300 here

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